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Why Men Want Sex All the Time

Is your husband's libido seemingly insatiable, leaving you feeling overwhelmed? Society often portrays men as primal beings driven solely by their sexual urges, but have you ever stopped to consider the deeper motives behind your husband's desire for sexual intimacy?


It's not merely about a high sex drive; rather, it may stem from a profound yearning for emotional closeness. For good, loving husbands, sexual intimacy goes beyond mere physical gratification. When your husband is intimate with you, his brain releases oxytocin, a chemical associated with skin-to-skin contact and bonding. It’s the things that make him feel close to you.


While women often bond through emotional connection, men experience this bonding during lovemaking. This explains why good, loving husbands often desire frequent intimacy—it's about establishing a deep emotional connection with their wives, seeking a bond that goes beyond the superficial.


So, if your husband is actively pursuing intimacy, understand that it may well be driven by a genuine longing for emotional closeness, even if he may not consciously realise it.


Just like women, men also desire to feel valued and deeply connected with their partner on a soulful level, beyond mere physical attraction. The difference lies in how we experience this connection.


Now, let me be clear, if trust issues or insecurities are present in your marriage, they can impede this connection. It's crucial for both partners to address these challenges together, creating an environment that fosters sexual intimacy rooted in emotional safety and trust.


Perhaps he’s not just a primal horn dog driven by his sexual urges, after all.


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