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Couple's Therapy

Free Counselling
Book a Free Intro Counselling Consultation

If you're a little apprehensive about counselling, have some questions, or would like to know if I'm the right fit for you, then book a free 15-minute Intro Consultation,
with no sales pitch at the end.

Embark on a journey of healing and connection with compassionate and effective couples therapy. My mission is to guide you and your partner towards greater harmony, understanding, and resilience.

I understand the unique dynamics that each relationship brings, and I’m here to provide personalised, evidence-based interventions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're facing communication challenges, navigating trust issues, or seeking to deepen your connection, I’m dedicated to supporting you.


Take the first step towards a more fulfilling partnership - explore my services and move forward on your journey to lasting connection.

Straight Forward, Practical Couple's Therapy


Embarking on a journey to revitalised communication in your relationship is simpler than you think. Our straightforward strategies ensure that you and your partner rediscover the power of empathy and understanding. Gain confidence, meet your needs, and together, weave the threads of a more connected and fulfilling relationship.

If you’re looking for "couples therapy near me," the good news is, I’m closer than you think! In fact, with services conducted online, via zoom, I’m so close you don’t even need to leave your own home for some of the most practical couples therapy you’ll ever find. 

My clients love the better results zoom sessions offer. Being relaxed in your own home means you are more comfortable opening up with how you really feel. If you have kids, there's no need to find a babysitter. You won't waste time traveling or sitting in a waiting room.

Sessions start on time and I maximise every minute to provide you with the best possible help. Each session is one hour (unless you book a 2-hour session), 50 minutes devoted to counselling and 10 minutes to my professional note taking.

Learn the keys both partners need to apply when it comes to blending families. 

Discover the keys to staying connected when mental health concerns create challenges.

Find out how to feel ensure your feelings are heard and validated.

Learn how to balance career demands with personal and relationship needs.

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Mark is excellent and we have gotten so much out of our sessions so far. Mark is empathetic, intuitive and so astute. He seems to hit the nail on the head every time and always gives us practical advice and feedback, without being condescending. We have genuinely seen instant results, with a significant improvement in our ability to communicate and show affection, as he gave us simple, practical advice to implement straight away.
For anyone wanting to improve any aspects of their marriage, we cannot recommend Mark enough and are so grateful to have taken this step.

Rhiannon and Adam

Connect with Ease

Three Step Process for New Clients


Complete the registration form to gain access to the pre-counselling assessment.



Complete the pre-counselling assessment within one week of registering.



Once the assessment is complete, you'll receive an email to book a counselling session. 

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