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Individual Counselling

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Do you want to transform your life and empowered step toward personal growth and enhanced relationships? Or are you desperate to improve your relationship but your partner isn’t interest in counselling? 

If so, I’d love to help you through individual counselling.


Individual counselling offers a valuable avenue for initiating positive change within yourself and subsequently influencing your relationship dynamics.


One of the primary benefits of individual counselling is the opportunity for personal growth. It provides a dedicated space for self-reflection, exploration, and understanding. This process allows you to delve into your own thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, fostering a deeper awareness of yourself and your role within your relationship.

Individual counselling is not just people in a relationship. It’s for anyone who wants to address personal challenges and develop practical strategies to improve various aspects of life. Whether it's managing stress, enhancing communication skills, or setting personal goals, counselling provides tailored approaches and tools to navigate life's complexities effectively.

I am committed to providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can openly express yourself. I will listen with empathy so you can fully express yourself in a safe-non-judgemental environment. I'll provide practical strategies, and if needed, I'll challenge wrong thinking and behaviour to help you make the change needed and get results desired.

Within a therapeutic setting, you explore and make sense of your thoughts and feelings, gaining a clearer understanding of your values, priorities, and aspirations. This newfound clarity can guide decision-making and contribute to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.


This support extends beyond addressing immediate challenges and encourages a mindset of continuous self-improvement.

Practical approaches, strategies, and tools are integral components of my individual counselling sessions. I work collaboratively with clients to identify specific areas for growth and provide actionable steps to foster positive change. Whether it's improving communication skills, managing stress, or enhancing emotional intelligence, the focus is on practical solutions that can be integrated into daily life.

Transform your relationship through individual counselling - even if your partner isn't ready.

Gain clarity on your values, priorities, and aspirations, guiding your decision-making.

Navigate life's complexities with practical strategies and tailored tools.

Explore your thoughts and emotions, fostering understanding of yourself and your spouse.

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Mark is excellent and we have gotten so much out of our sessions so far. Mark is empathetic, intuitive and so astute. He seems to hit the nail on the head every time and always gives us practical advice and feedback, without being condescending. We have genuinely seen instant results, with a significant improvement in our ability to communicate and show affection, as he gave us simple, practical advice to implement straight away.
For anyone wanting to improve any aspects of their marriage, we cannot recommend Mark enough and are so grateful to have taken this step.

Rhiannon and Adam

Connect with Ease

Three Step Process for New Clients


Complete the registration form to gain access to the pre-counselling assessment.



Complete the pre-counselling assessment within one week of registering.



Once the assessment is complete, you'll receive an email to book a counselling session. 

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