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Pre-Marriage Counselling


A Wedding Lasts a Day. Marriage is for Life

The journey towards marriage is huge, and for couples navigating this significant step, pre-marriage counselling becomes an invaluable resource. I love working with couples who are in the throes of planning the most significant decision of their lives.

While the excitement of planning a wedding can be all-encompassing, it's crucial not to overlook the preparation required for life beyond the ceremony—the intricacies of married life. My pre-marriage counselling program offers a tailored approach that caters to the unique dynamics of each couple.

The process begins with a comprehensive pre-counselling assessment, delving into various facets of your relationship—ranging from expectations and communication to parenting, personality attributes, financial management, sex, family dynamics, and so much more. This assessment reveals the strengths and potential areas for improvement in your relationship. During the counselling sessions, I’ll provide you with practical tools to strengthen those identified weaker areas, ensuring your marriage doesn't fall prey to stagnation.

Gain insights into your partner's personality through comprehensive assessment.

Discover your weak spots and the tools needed to strengthen them. 

Create the foundation to build a marriage will thrive for the rest of your lives.

Learn insights from your past that could impact your future marriage.


Pre-marriage counselling sessions offer invaluable insights into your partner and their expectations of married life. This knowledge becomes the cornerstone of your marital journey and sets you both up to win as you work towards creating the best married life.


Consider it an investment in your future—a proactive step to ensure that as you step into marriage, you do so with a robust comprehension of each other. This preparation fosters the resilience necessary to face and overcome challenges as a united front. By choosing pre-marriage counselling, you are not just preparing for a wedding; you're preparing for a lifetime of shared experiences, growth, and a partnership built on a deep understanding of each other. It's a commitment to entering marriage not only with love but with the tools and insights to forge a resilient and enduring connection.

Results Matter

If you're trying to figure out whether or not you need pre-marital counselling, we can save you some time — YOU DO. We didn't realise how much we needed it until our first session with Mark. He took the time to understand our relationship dynamic and our personalities. We had to unpack a lot of trauma and past hurts and the effects they were having on our relationship.
Through it all, we felt safe and assured that Mark was there for our best interests. He had his work cut out for him. Without hesitation, we can say that our relationship has been strengthened and better equipped to love and grow with one another. We are ready for marriage. We are ready for the rest of our lives. 

Jonah & Nikki

Connect with Ease

Three Step Process for New Clients


Complete the registration form to gain access to the pre-counselling assessment.



Complete the pre-counselling assessment within one week of registering.



Once the assessment is complete, you'll receive an email to book a counselling session. 

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