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Practical & Equipping Courses

Get ready to strengthen your life and marriage with some of the best and most practical courses you'll find. I'm rolling out a host of equipping courses, complete with worksheets and tools to help you live the best life and have the best marriage. 

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10 Day Husband Challenge

The ultimate program designed for husbands and men in long-term relationships who are ready to improve their marriage by becoming better partners. The challenges are practical and tailored to address the unique needs many marriages face.

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The Best Life - Essentials

Discover the keys to a thriving marriage with by applying the fundamental principles that need to be foundational in every happy marriage. This course is a roadmap crafted to empower couples with practical tools and strategies that can be applied immediately for tangible results.

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Affair Recovery

Coming Soon

Pre-Register now and receive 15% off this powerful course that will help you heal from the pain and trauma an affair brings. Learn the strategies to rebuilding trust and how to move forward to rebuild your relationship.

Coming mid 2024.

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