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The Best Man


Discover Strength
& Vulnerability

It can be hard for men to navigate the complexities of contemporary relationships. The challenges of balancing masculinity with emotional engagement are real and they make it hard to provide the support your wife desires without compromising your own needs.

Many guys struggle with understanding their wife's emotions, dealing with ups and downs and figuring out what she really wants. In my one-on-one counselling program for men, The Best Man, I keep things simple by providing a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to help you tackle common issues like withdrawing emotionally and feeling pressured to fit stereotypical gender roles.


It is possible to navigate the complexities of emotional connection and truly satisfy your wife without becoming a doormat. Through my direct, no BS, practical counselling program for men, you’ll discover a roadmap for cultivating healthy, authentic masculinity and a strong emotional connection with your wife.

Through my The Best Man counselling program you’ll uncover the secrets to understanding what your wife really needs from you, verses what she’s saying. Learn to communicate effectively, break the toxic cycle of conflict, and understand the process of leading your marriage without becoming a dominating dictator.


You’ll learn how to engage your own emotional intelligence. By doing so you'll not only connect more deeply with yourself but also with your wife and children. By using the tools to be a better man, your sex life – quantity and quality – will greatly improve

Learn practical strategies to foster a strong emotional connection that stands the test of time.

From emotional intelligence to genuine leadership, learn to enhance your relationship.

Uncover the secrets to satisfying your wife without compromising your authenticity.

Break free from emotional struggles, toxic conflicts, and discover a deeper connection.

Step into Your Authentic Power, Improve Your Sex Life & Become
The Best Man

Receive the essential tools to navigate your partner's emotions and needs. Foster open communication, active listening, and a deeper understanding of your wife, laying the foundation for a stronger, harmonious relationship.

Stepping up and leading in a relationship requires a unique blend of strength and vulnerability. I'll work with you to develop leadership skills grounded in empathy and collaboration, empowering you to confidently navigate challenges.

Become The Best Man – a devoted husband, exemplary father, and a genuine, all-round top bloke. Let's embark on this journey of self-improvement, building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship that will stand the test of time. It's time to thrive in your role and create a marriage that not only survives but truly thrives.

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Mark is excellent and we have gotten so much out of our sessions so far. Mark is empathetic, intuitive and so astute. He seems to hit the nail on the head every time and always gives us practical advice and feedback, without being condescending. We have genuinely seen instant results, with a significant improvement in our ability to communicate and show affection, as he gave us simple, practical advice to implement straight away.
For anyone wanting to improve any aspects of their marriage, we cannot recommend Mark enough and are so grateful to have taken this step.

Rhiannon and Adam

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Three Step Process for New Clients


Complete the registration form to gain access to the pre-counselling assessment.



Complete the pre-counselling assessment within one week of registering.



Once the assessment is complete, you'll receive an email to book a counselling session. 

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