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I work hard to take the stress out of your wedding ceremony planning.  Throughout the process - from booking to ceremony - I'll be in regular contact to keep you updated on what's happening, provide you with information, including tips on how to write vows, ideas for the Groom to shine on the day, and more. You won't be left in the dark.

I've got loads of ideas and samples for you, and tips to make things run that bit smoother and relive you of the stress that comes with planning a wedding.


When you book me to be your wedding celebrant, you get the entire day.  I'll never have to hurry off to another wedding or be rushing from an earlier ceremony. I'm completely yours. Giving you flexibility and reassurance that my focus is on making your ceremony just perfect.  

We can meet as many times as you like and I'll provide you with a full copy of your ceremony script so you know exactly how it's going to work. 

On the day, I'll be there early, make sure everything is on point, I'll calm the boys and support the groom as he waits for his bride to walk down the aisle. I'll work with your photographers to ensure your photos are the best.

A Five Step Process

Let's keep this really simple



Complete the contact form and I'll be in touch.  I'll send you a booking form, to get the nitty gritty and arrange a coffee for the three of us.


Once we get the ball rolling I'll be there for you every step of the way.  You can ask as many questions as you want, make as many changes as you want, email me as much as you want - I'm in this thing with you and will do all I can to make sure it's easy breezy!



We'll get together! We'll drink good coffee and chat!  We'll talk about you, how you got together and who are. We'll discuss how I can make your ceremony great. If we're far apart, we can meet by Zoom but you'll have to BYO coffee!


Legal Paperwork

You don't need to worry about this part, I've got your back!  I'll take care of all the legalities and ensure this side of things is completely covered.  Leave it to me. 

I've been marrying people for over 15 years.  If you've been married before of this is your first time, I'll guide you through it. Once you provide me with the necessary ID, I'll complete the paperwork, grab a couple of signatures from you and make sure it's all nice and legal. 



By this time I will have provided you with load of ceremony ideas, suggestions and samples for what to include in your ceremony; including themes, elements, how to write awesome vows and more. 

Now it's time to get together again to plan out your ceremony.  From there I'll put everything together and prepare your ceremony for you to review. 



This is it! This is the part where you stand before each other and everyone else and you  do this thing! You'll laugh, you night cry, you'll definitely have loads of fun and together we'll make this the best day of your life. And just like that you'll be married!

  • Is Zoom just as effective as In-Person Counselling?
    In most cases, my clients have found zoom to be better that in-person. People are more relaxed in the privacy of their own home, this helps them relax and open up more; as a result they achieve better results. Zoom is also more convenient. It saves you spending additional dollars on babysitting, fuel and parking costs. Not mention the time saved in travel.
  • How Many Sessions Do We Need?
    That depends on the results of your pre-counselling assessment, the issues you're facing and how long you've been struggling. Usually after the first session I will provide a roadmap of where we're headed via email. My goal is not to keep you in counselling and there's no commitment to any number of sessions. Just book one at a time. If you're interested in pre-marriage counselling, most couples need between 3 and 5 sessions. Once your results are in you will be told how many sessions are recommended. There is no obligation to commit to any number of sessions.
  • What Happens in the Sessions?
    In first session we'll discuss why you've sought counselling and what your goals are. You'll receive a brief overview of your assessment results and you'll be given tools and strategies (homework) to apply to your relationship right away. Each session is one hour long with 50 allocated to counselling and 10 minutes to my professional note taking.
  • What's the Cost?
    All the fees are listed on the Register Page. Session start at $110 online or $150 in person (at my Gold Coast office). Payment is required at the time of booking. The cost to complete the Pre-Counselling Assessment is $46 per couple. Payment is made when you access the online portal to complete the assessment. The first person to login makes payment for both of you.
  • What's the Pre-Counselling Assessment About?
    This is a thorough multi choice quiz that both partners complete independently. It covers a broad range of dynamics and is tailored to your unique circumstances. After registering for counselling you'll both receive an email from Prepare Enrich - the assessment provider - click the link in the email to access the online portal and complete your quiz. It will take you about 40 minutes to do so. Your results are compared and contrasted highlighting the strengths and weaker areas of your relationship. This information is used to form the basis of the counselling program.
  • What's Your Availability Like?
    I work business hours Monday to Friday. Three days a week the latest session is held at 7:30pm (AEST), that's 8:30pm for people on the East Coast outside of Queensland during daylight saving. Saturday morning and afternoon. Sunday afternoon. Usually evenings are booked up a week or two in advance. Generally you can book a business hours spot the week before or the week of your desired appointment time.
  • What if My Partner Isn't Ready for Counselling?
    I recommend two options: Purchase The Best Married Life - Essentials Course and complete this short course together - it's basically a couple of counselling sessions rolled into an online course. Or, Start the counselling process without your partner. Don't waste any more time. You make some change alone to improve your relationship. Hopefully your partner will join you once they see the change. NB: If attending alone, you only need to complete the free, brief individual pre-counselling assessment.
  • What's the Process?
    Step 1 - Complete the registration form Step 2 - You'll receive an email with access to your pre-counselling assessment Step 3 - Once your completed questionnaire is processed you receive another email containing a link to book your sessions. Payment is made at the time of booking. Once you make a booking, you'll receive an email with a zoom link and calendar invite. After the first session you'll receive an email with an outline (plan) on where the counselling journey will go, based on the results of your pre-counselling assessment and the first session. If you're attending counselling as an individual, you don't need to complete the pre-counselling assessment - just book a session.
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