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As the demands of life increase, especially with a growing family, the importance of teamwork becomes even more paramount. Don't let the daily grind lead you to opposing sides; instead, come together in a Marriage Business Meeting that minimises the stress and sets the stage for success.


If you’ve been feeling:


  • Overwhelmed by household responsibilities.
  • Stressed about miscommunications.
  • Isolated and unsupported in the daily grind.
  • Like you have no time for yourself.
  • Like you’re carrying most of ‘it.’
  • Your marriage isn’t growing, or your personal goals aren’t being met.
  • You’re disconnected and arguing over daily responsibilities and commitments.


Then this meeting is for you. The Marriage Business Meeting is the structure you need to break free from these habits and build a strong connection by getting on the same team. 


From a 30-minute Marriage Business Meeting, you and your spouse will discuss nine key dynamics of marriage and family life, which could:


  • Help you feel more supported.
  • Save money on eating out and cut down debt.
  • Provide a clear meal plan and know who’s cooking.
  • Open you both to more frequent sex.
  • Help you both get on the same page with parenting.
  • Enable you to confront little issues and cause your marriage to grow.
  • Provide clarity on personal responsibilities and commitments.


And much more.


Break free from the stress, conflicts, and feelings of being mere housemates. Instead, embrace a new era of connection, understanding, and shared goals. Get on the same team, strengthen your bond, and watch your marriage soar to new heights. It's time to make your Marriage Business Meeting a non-negotiable date on your calendar – the key to unlocking the full potential of your partnership.



For a deep dive into each discussion point, including the questions and objectives, and how to prepare for the Marriage Business Meeting, check out The Four Pillars of Emotional Intimacy course coming in 2024.

Marriage Business Meeting

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    eBook Guide.


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