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Stay Committed

Let's chat about a real deal moment I regularly encounter: One partner says they're not sure if they're want the relationship anymore. This is a major problem. Why? Because for a relationship to really thrive, both partners need to be fully on board. Without that, the whole thing's like a wobbly house of cards.


Trust is the glue that holds a relationship together. When both partners are fully committed, trust blossoms. It's like knowing you've got someone in your corner, no matter what. This opens the floodgates for honest, no-holds-barred communication.


But when doubt creeps in, it's like a weed in the garden—it starts small but can quickly take over. It eats away at the foundation until there's not much left to stand on.


So, here's the deal: if you want things to work out, you've got to be straight up with yourself and your partner. If you've emotionally shut off then you’ve inadvertently put walls around your heart to protect yourself from being hurt – it’s a natural response but it comes with consequences. When you do this, your partner can’t emotionally connect with you.


If your spouse has finally realised they need to change and they’re trying hard but you’ve got one foot out the door then you need to bring it back in and receive your partner’s bids of love and connection.


If you’re not all in, the honesty won’t there. And then your partner's left second-guessing everything they do, walking on eggshells to keep you happy.


Now, I’m not suggesting you should leave – there’s a long process you need to go through before you pull the lever.


But the bottom line is this… Building a solid relationship means being all in and keeping it real. Love brought you together but a commitment to work through the challenges is what keeps you together. (If there’s abuse, get out now and get help).


It's not always easy, but it's worth it!


If you fee stuck, don’t stay there, reach out and let me help you find the love and passion you once enjoyed.

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